Here you will find plush friends with lots of personality to make life-long companions. They each have their own story, get to know each one! They are quite funny and are learning some important lessons about life and who they were made to be. The Land of Dunlapia is where they live and they cannot wait to come home to you to share their adventures! Our goal is to encourage emotional intelligence through connection and play. Come meet each Dunlap Love friend!



 Hi! I am Kaylyn. I live in Charlotte, NC with my five incredible kids. I am passionate about imagination and storytelling, and how they can encourage children and grown ups to know their own unique place in the world. I am living my best life when I am doing epic made-up bed time stories and whisking my children away to made up lands full of unlikely characters. I am a wannabe New Yorker and a future Disney Annual Passholder that enjoys traveling to new places and come home feeling more inspired to create and dream.

With a love of interior design and product design, Dunlap Love began in 2007 when I started hand stitching quirky plush toys for my own daughter as a creative outlet. That quickly birthed a love of creating for others. My friends started asking for toys too, so I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to use it. The years since have been full of original designs and a whole lot of hands on learning. 
The Land of Dunlapia launched in 2015 with a desire to create a world where children can connect to their plush friend through story + play, fostering low tech play and encouraging emotional intelligence and connection. You can read each character's bio to get to know them a bit. A children's storybook launch is in the works where you will get to know them even more!
Thank you so much for supporting our small handmade shop!